Songmaster is proudly affiliated with many key partners through a variety of arrangements. If you or your organization may be interested, please read on.

Retailers & Distribution

Songmaster enjoys relationships with world class channel partners like Amazon and Apple. Songmaster is an Apple Developer and also distributes content in DVD and other formats through retail channel partners like Alfred Music Publishing.

If you wish to explore on-demand, retail, or other distribution concepts, contact us so that we may help you craft a strategy.

Marketing & Education

Songmaster values relationships with manufacturers and media companies, seeking creative and elegant ways to share news and promotions with customers who have opted in. Retailers, makers of musical instruments, and other online companies have partnered to generate awareness and share in the outcomes of joint marketing.

Additionally, Songmaster values education and welcomes inquiries from institutions or instructors, when seeking ways to incorporate Songmaster’s content into their learning plans.

Music Publishing & Performance

Contact us if you wish to put our content to use in other ways. As appropriate, Songmaster can work quickly and collaboratively to provide rights or create new content involving our catalog of finished as well as untapped vault of video, audio and other electronic content.

To produce our trademarked digital products, we establish agreements with instructors, artists, music labels and publishers.  Performances within our products are the property of Songmaster, wholly produced by Songmaster unless otherwise indicated.

If interested in marketing or incorporating this content for educational, profitable or any other purpose, you must first secure Songmaster’s written permission.

Email us at and share what’s on your mind.

Songmaster gets the rights from the artists to teach the exact way to play, so you can genuinely play along with the original song, unlike most lessons which are very rarely correct.” –Matt R., Bournemouth, United Kingdom