Make the connection

Loyal fans listen to your music. Your most passionate fans play it. Now you can make sure fans get it right, note for note. The way you wrote it and perform it, not somebody else’s idea of how to tab it, or a home video posted on the Internet.

Plus, there is the opportunity with Songmaster to forge that special one-to-one connection with our iVideosongs sessions and other online and mobile products. It brings the stage performances and the meticulously crafted recordings to life at home. You are invited into a fan’s living room, exploring the influences and stories behind the music.

Know us by the company we keep

We’re always seeking relationships with artists and to expand titles. Some of the artists right now include Graham Nash, members of The Rolling Stones band, Doobie Brothers, Allman Brothers, Sting’s band, 3 Doors Down, Switchfoot, Rush, 38 Special, Alter Bridge, Vertical Horizon, Russ Kunkel, Scotty Moore, Giles Martin, and others.

A critical mass of motivated shoppers

The coolest retail districts attract the most shoppers. It’s true online too. Songmaster Studios can introduce you and your life’s work to more traffic – and more transactions. Our wide array of artists from across a variety of labels and genres, in tandem with this website and our distribution via Amazon Video on Demand and Apple iTunes—these all work to amplify your music to fans old and new.

A good deal

Through written agreements, in concert with the latest technology, Songmaster provides publishers and artists a percentage of each transaction. We track retail sales, working to ensure your efforts are appropriately rewarded.

To find out more

Contact us to find out more. We’re musicians too and we know what makes artists happy.