What real musicians really think about Songmaster

More than 300,000 downloads later, Songmaster’s trademarked videos have proven effective at teaching how to play guitar, piano, and other musical instruments.

Home to the original iVideosongs® series, Songmaster Studios™ offers access to a complete catalog of more than 200+ titles and tutorials – right here online.

Explore genres from rock to blues, classical to country. Raise the bar from beginner to intermediate to advanced.  Watch virtuosos perform in high def, close-up, with pinpoint accuracy.  Hear clear step-by-step guidance.  Learn at your pace, repeating songs and solos as often as you wish.

Within minutes of your first lesson, you’ll understand why thousands of guitarists and other musicians are tuned to Songmaster.  They gain new skills while learning a real song, using methods proven both fast and affordable.

Read on to take their word for it.  Then, let’s get started learning real songs, right now!

Big names, humongous results

“This is really a superb idea.” –Craig B., Edinburgh, Scotland

“It’s great to see a guitar hero taking the time to show his art. I downloaded all three RUSH iVideosongs from Songmaster. I’m a huge Alex Lifeson and RUSH fan, it can’t get any better to be shown how to play by the master himself. First class.”

“What a treasure. To hear instruction from Graham Nash is priceless.”

“Duritz is my boy! Thank you, Songmaster! I just bought Counting Crows’ ‘Round Here’ and learned the song in a second. On to ‘Mr. Jones’!”

“Songmaster gets the rights from the artists to teach the exact way to play, so you can genuinely play along with the original song, unlike most lessons which are very rarely correct.” –Matt R., Bournemouth, United Kingdom

“Thanks for all the videos, Songmaster. You’ve got the coolest songs, and it’s so easy to learn.”

“iVideosongs by Songmaster are excellent. They show you the exact way the original was played. I’ve bought five lessons. Excellent instruction.”

Ready to roll?

Fret about price? You risk one venti cappuccino

“These are some of the best guitar lessons I’ve ever had.  And I didn’t have to drive 5 miles and pay $30 an hour.”

“I have purchased a few iVideosongs by Songmaster, and I find them to be worth every penny. They are detailed, in high def, and they are geared for beginners and advanced students alike. They also are inexpensive for what you are learning.”

“Nice, helpful lessons for those of us just starting out. Thanks!” –Brianna B., Wichita Falls, Texas, USA

“Getting back into learning guitar after a long, long time…this is so useful! Big THANK YOU from a misty glen in Scotland!”

“Songmaster’s iVideosongs are the closest thing you can get online to a thorough, complete and personal education on techniques, tricks and songs. If you lack a capable guitar teacher and are trying to learn modern guitar technique and theory, this is where you should be. Awesome.”

“Thank you so much! It’s simple and easy and totally cool. I love it! Perfect for a beginner like me.”

“Thank you so much. iVideosongs by Songmaster helped me overcome a few bad techniques I have picked up from learning to play without guidance.”

“Whenever I used to play my guitar, it just put me in a bad mood because it was too hard to follow other people’s videos. Then I found iVideosongs by Songmaster, and everything changed. Now I practice on my guitar at least 5 hours a day, and I am learning fast. So thank you for making your videos. I recommend your videos to anybody I know who is playing guitar.” –David R., Temecula, CA, USA

“Everyone should buy at least one iVideosong from Songmaster Studios. They are incredibly accurate and explained very well.”

Your turn to enjoy venti-sized results.

Making music, keeping it real

“Your videos are a thousand times more accurate than 99% of the tablature that exists on YouTube. Awesome!” –Evik J., Minneapolis, MN, USA

“Wonderful, wonderful lessons. Very good clear, concise teaching. A+.” –Bob C., Davison, MI, USA

“Songmaster, you’ve got some great videos to learn from. Thanks, man. You just got yourself another subscriber.” –Scott R., Crystal, MN, USA

“You guys are awesome, please keep doing what you’re doing!”

“Just subscribed. So glad I found iVideosongs by Songmaster. Great stuff.” –Jay H., Auburn, WA, USA

“Wow, you just made me sound really cool, thanks!”

“Songmaster’s iVideosongs tutorials are quite simply the highest quality lessons on the Internet right now. You can watch them over and over and over till you get it right.  The video quality is just perfect.”

Learn. Real songs. Right now.

By the Song or Bundle

By the Song or Bundle

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Annual Membership

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Monthly Membership

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