Welcome to Songmaster Studios

Songmaster Studios Education LLC works with top-flight musicians, music publishers and many of the artists themselves—so you can learn how real songs really get played. See and hear the craftsmanship behind the performance of the song. We capture a level of authenticity you simply can’t find surfing the Internet.

Perfection made affordable

Our iVideosongs® learning series is an affordable, practical alternative to private lessons – or the poor quality song fragments, phrases, tabs, and tips scattered on the Internet.

We’ll show you how to play the complete song. iVideosongs lessons feature step-by-step segments. Lessons can feature a range tuning, capo, tone controls settings and other details to a particular song. Then, instructors guide you through the intro/outro, verse, chorus, bridge and and so on. Finally, follow along with a full-length performance, so you can work to match your playing to the maestros themselves.

What’s more, we can show you how to play a chill riff, bend strings, play outside the pentatonic box and a boatload of other tips and tricks too. There’s a lot more fun learning new techniques when you’re also mastering a Billboard-grade song.

The song is everything

We aim to get it right, so you can become a Songmaster. Every lesson is spot-on accurate, just as it was originally written and performed. Now it’s up to you. Perfect it. Improvise. Do your own thing.

Many of Songmaster’s iVideosongs include a priceless interview segment, where the inspiration for the song is revealed. Hear how Graham Nash was inspired to write one of the most classic songs ever recorded. Get insights from Giles Martin at Abbey Road, sharing how his father, Sir George Martin, worked with The Beatles – casting never before seen light on the legendary Fab Four. Find meaning in lyrics you have heard a million times.

Multiple instruments

The multitude of instruments distinguish Songmaster’s approach even further. Beyond guitar, percussion, keyboards, banjo, bass…so many lessons and so many titles.

Sorry, no cowbell. Not yet anyway.

Lesson Library: Arrange your lessons, advance your skills progressively

Songmaster features a Lesson Library, so you can pick the titles and tutorials best suited to you – and learn them progressively. Advance from beginner to intermediate levels, title by title. Don’t get discouraged. So long as you’re a member, you can revisit any song or lesson as often as you like.

With Songmaster’s iVideosongs, you learn on your own schedule. And because our lesson player adapts to most any device, you watch and learn anywhere, anytime. So you’re not on a music teacher’s schedule, this is your time to immerse yourself in what you love.